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"It's how well you move,
not how deep you stretch,"

~Brian Friedman

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Winter Garden Yoga

Winter Garden Yoga is a world renowned yoga studio recognized  for providing a unique form of functional yoga instruction that gives you a  toned, pain-free body that leaves you feeling great whether youre currently flexible or not.

Unlike ordinary yoga studios with crowded classes that over stretch and leave you feeling lost in the crowd, our services focus on strength, mobility, and nutrition all wrapped up into a caring, supportive, family-like environment youll call home.

Results Guaranteed
We Deliver Results! Our team of Winter Garden Experts are so confident in the results we deliver we offer a 100% Money Back guarantee.
Results You Will:

•    Look Your Best EVER!
•    Feel Better Than You Have in Years!

Yoga Classes
Experience a new level of results. We aren't your typical studio, our job is to help you achieve RESULTS. Getting your exercise in has never been more fun!

•    Great Variety of Yoga
•    Custom Meal Plan and Action Plan
•    Accountability and Milestones keeps you motivated

Semi-Private Training (Coming Soon!)
Achieve a higher level of fitness through our Semi Private Training program... it's much more fun to workout with someone else!
Benefits of Semi Private Personal Training:

•    More classes a week to choose from
•    Accountability Keeps You On Track
•    Encouraging environment keeps you motivated

The Finest Private Training
Whether you want more personal attention, rehabilitative exercise, or just want the white glove treatment, private training is a perfect option.

•    Custom Action Plans = Faster Results
•    Movement analysis & correction, so you move better
•    Dedicated Fitness Professional Just For You

Our Promise…
Winter Garden Yoga offers the simplest way to get a toned, pain-free body that leaves you feeling great in a caring, supportive, family-like environment you’ll call home. 

“Don’t Wait Until It’s
Too Late To Get Your Body and Your Life Back!”

 Register Now For Your Complimentary Consultation

Yes! I want to learn more about how I can improve my health and fitness and get the results I want from my fitness and nutrition program. I’m tired of ‘spinning my wheels’ and going nowhere, and I’m serious about getting results and reclaiming my attractive, healthy, and energetic body once and for all. I am interested in more information about your programs, including classes and private one-on-one training. Please contact me to schedule a complimentary private consultation with you (a $87 value)!


“I lost a total of 25 pounds! …I strongly believe that the main reason why I lost the weight was yoga.”

~Bridget Johnson, Orlando FL, 50 plus years young

Down Two Sizes!

 “[Since investing in my health at WGY] I feel better about myself than I have in a very long time!  I have lost about 26 pounds and gone down at least two sizes.  I just bought a size small shirt a few weeks ago...

"I can't remember the last time I fit into a size small!"
~Marita Sarad

New Mom Has More Energy!

"Brian helped me reach my goals and then some. He taught me how to use Kettlebells with great form and fine-tuned my yoga technique.
" ~Lily Siviglia

An asthmatic woman in her 60s burns fat and gets strong.

"What I once believed was impossible for me, a woman over 60 years of age with physical limitations, I know now is possible. The sky is the limit!" ~Janis Dey, 60 years young, grandmother and yoga teacher 

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